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How to Make Milk in Little Alchemy

Milk element is very important in Little Alchemy, because it is closely associated with those milk-related food, for instance Cheese, Ice Cream, Yogurt, Cat, Coconut Milk, Cereal, Milky Way, Chocolate Milk, Butter, Milk Shake, and Batter. Making Milk is not too hard, and we have figured out two ways for you. Check out the detailed instructions and try it yourself.

Fire + Air = Energy
Water + Earth = Mud
Air + Water = Rain
Earth + Rain = Plant
Plant + Mud = Swamp
Swamp + Energy = Life
Earth + Life = Human
Plant + Human = Farmer
Farmer + Life = Livestock
Plant + Earth = Grass
Grass + Livestock = Cow

Method 1: Farmer + Cow
Farmer + Cow = Milk

Method 2: Cow + Human
Cow + Human = Milk

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