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Heaven’s Vault Gameplay and Guide Part 1 to 3

Heaven’s Vault is a story-rich adventure game developed by inkle Ltd. Explore the lost ruins of the Nebula, read ancient inscriptions, and uncover a forgotten past in this game from the creators of 80 Days.

Aliya Elasra is an archaeologist, exploring a strange region of space called the Nebula with her robot sidekick Six, hoping to uncover the secrets of the long-forgotten past. When a roboticist from the University of Iox goes missing, Aliya begins a trail of discoveries that will lead to the very edge of her world and the ancient secret of Heaven’s Vault.

Sail an open-world of fast flowing space-rivers, discover lost ruins, explore ancient sites, find artefacts and translate their strange hieroglyphics. Piece together the history of the world and an entire ancient language. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Heaven’s Vault Walkthrough Part 1:

Heaven’s Vault Walkthrough Part 2:

Heaven’s Vault Walkthrough Part 3:

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