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BirdGut Walkthrough and Guide All 5 Hidden Levels

BirdGut is a hand-drawn 2D puzzle-platformer developed by Micah Boursier. It is from the perspective of an outcast bee who gets eaten by a bird, and discovers that the bird’s internal organs are not organs at all, but facilities in which the consumed insects are brainwashed and enslaved.

A bee was eaten by a bird. Inside the bird, all of the bugs that it eats are brainwashed and put to work in fantastical, mechanical factories that exist in the place of its organs, except for the outcast bee, whose very disability prevents them from being brainwashed. The bee takes it upon itself to destroy the massive bird from the inside out, and free all the enslaved critters within.

The game features a wealth of unique environments to explore, each with their own special obstacles and puzzles. There are three separate endings to choose from and hidden Secrets in every level, 22 achievements to collect. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

BirdGut Walkthrough – The First of the Hidden:

BirdGut Walkthrough – The Second of the Hidden:

BirdGut Walkthrough – The Third of the Hidden:

BirdGut Walkthrough – The Fourth of the Hidden:

BirdGut Walkthrough – The Fifth of the Hidden:

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