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Carrot Fantasy Deep Sea Theme Level 1 Golden Carrot Walkthrough

Now Carrot Fantasy released a new great theme: Deep Sea theme, you have new towers to build in the new theme. These new weapons are: shark fin, deep sea mushrooms, anchor bomb, octopus, crystal. We need to build these turrets reasonable and make use of them to finish all the levels. Here we come up with the walkthrough for the level 1 of the Deep Sea theme.

Defend the radish deep sea theme first shut a start, a total of 550 money can use, first of all players need to pause the game, then we in the black box to build a green barb turret (pictured above). Note: the fishbone turret has a chance to stun enemies within the scope of the cause.

Follow the below sequence to create your turrets in the game, you may try your own sequence to create the weapons.

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