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A Great Physics game, Wake up the Box 4

If you like physics-based puzzle game, you should remember Wake up the Box series games. Now it comes a new version of the series games. There’s a big difference between Wake up the Box 4 with the previous versions. Yes, it’s still a physics game, but there’s a great innovation in the game play.

Your task in the game is to wake up the sleepy box using various ways. In the game, we found we have no objects for us to use. Then how can we wake up the box? Well, we need to create props ourselves. Draw a variety of graphics with your mouse, it will turn to the actual objects miraculously. Then it will wake up the box under the real physical principles.

If you played the game for a while, you will find the game is not have you pass each level simply. Its essence is a divergent thinking exercise. You may have different clearance methods for each same level.

Wake up the Box 4 is a very good puzzle game for the children. It may have the children being interested in the physical dynamics. For adults, this is an opportunity to change your perspectiveto look at objective things and the universal rules.

There are 30 levels in the game, many levels are difficult and they will test your thinking ability.

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