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Psychout Game Review and Video Walkthrough

Psychout is a cool and unique single player adventure game. A world known talented monk is going to challenge the underground maze. The maze is said being designed by two masters and nobody can pass it. The maze is wonderful, it can be felt but cannot be explained. The young monk knows that his first lover is trapped inside the underground maze, so he decides to accept the challenge of the madhouse maze full of puzzles. You have to help the monk on his way to the

Each level in the game is well designed, presumably there is an unpredictable force Manipulating each level. You need to control the young monk to collect the key to progress to the next level in the game. In some level you cannot jump, in some level you can climb and walking on the wall. In some level you can reverse time and space, ignoring the gravity. In some level you even need to play such as brick breaks, super mario bros adventure games etc. So it will be a wonderful and magic maze, come and have a try!

In the game several levels need you have high intelligence, several levels need you have great control skills.

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