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Dole Deporter Game Review

If you like play games, you may also like design games. Yes, design games according to your own ideas.  But it’s not easy to design a game. So, we give you a chance to design the essential props for each level. Are you interested in it? Come on and let’s play Dole Deporter game, a unique design game.

Have you ever dreamed of a magic pen, just draw something with your pen, everthing you drawn will be the real object. Now you have a permanent brush, your job is to help some white stick figures to reach the destination. Certainly there’s no problem because you have a magic brush.

This is a puzzle game allow you to indulge your own thinking, you can paint in the screen according with your wishes. Feel free to create a variety of props, such as flyover, avenue to achieve your goal in the game. In other words, it depends on your creativity to pass each level.

There are five white stick figures in each level, they will keep moving forward. They will walk in the anti-direction if they hit a wall or balcony in such impossible situation. You need to guide them to the transmission cages in a short time. If they walked into the green room instead of the cages, you will lose much money.

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