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Escape the Mansion Walkthrough

Escape the Mansion is an excellent puzzle game, the game is not complicated. You just need your head to solve all the mystery slightly. Here we show you the walkthrough for Escape the Mansion game, you can check out it if you cannot solve some of the levels of the game.

Level 1 is very simple, just touch the red button with your finger at the left side of the portrait.

Level 2: Touch the item at the lower-right corner of the screen, then click on the door in the center.

Level 3: Move the vase at the left side, then click the hidden red button shown.

Level 4: Eliminate the fire with the fire extinguisher at the left side, then click to enter.

Level 5: There is hidden glass in front of the door, simply shaking your phone to pass the level.

Level 6: Pick up the hammer and smash all the bottles on the screen.

Level 7: Move the two things aside to get the PAD, then touch left frame of the elevator with the PAD.

Level 8: Pick up the electric mosquito swatter, pat a few mosquitoes to pass the level.

Level 9: Touch the carpet, then pick up a magnifying glass, and used a magnifying glass as X on the right side of the map.

Level 10:
Throw the letters into the input box according to the order of green, red, yellow, blue.


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