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LocoRoco 2 Remastered Walkthrough and Gameplay

LocoRoco 2 Remastered is a unique game by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The Moja Boss is not willing to accept defeat. Armed with a deadly song that sucks the life out of all living things, the evil Moja army have returned to enslave the LocoRoco. Your job is to help the LocoRoco bring life and music back to the planet. Experience the addictive Tilt and Roll gameplay that made it an instant classic and discover brand new abilities and challenges.

The LocoRoco are not the only creatures on this strange and distant planet, there is a whole host of new characters to meet in LocoRoco 2. Captivating, light-hearted original songs communicate the joyous world of LocoRoco. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

LocoRoco 2 Walkthrough Part 1 – Franzea 1:

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