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Adventure Escape: Allied Spies Walkthrough Chapter 9

You get a map, but you have no idea where the Ixion factory is. By simply connecting the same icon on the borders you will find the lines crossed at one exact position, that’s the position of Ixion factory.

You arrived there, but you need to play a mini game, eliminate all the soldiers on the screen with your intelligence and logic.

After solving a lot of puzzles, lighting the whole box and get all the stars, you unlock the room and getting into the factory.

Getting in the room, you see Major Kressler is talking to Ambassador and shot him. You talked to Major but it is not happy, then Duplix killed him.

You get five explosive charge, and you are planing to demolish every building in this facility. Blasting positions are very important, but you have figured them out after discussing.

Everything is over. Ed like being married to Marie. If you want more detailed information, check out the video walkthrough of the game.

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