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Spirits for iOS and android game Walkthrough and Review

Autumn comes, the leaves shrivel. And leaves spirits start their journey home from the falling leaves . You must lead them, but do not use direct control, you can change the direction of the wind, or through the building line to continue the journey. Each leaves spirit may be sacrificed in order to complete the following four action – to build a bridge of the leaves, create a drift cloud, tunneling, or stop airflow into a region. In each level you have to take wise strategy and innovative ways to have leaves spirits cross obstacle to reach its destination.

The objective of the game is to send spirits home, actually is through various means bypass obstacles let spirits float to white whirlpool. Every scene terrain structure are not all the same, with levels rise, gradually increase the difficulty. Sacrificed an spirit can exchange for a kind of let the other elves home power, click the spirits walk can launch special skills. There are four special skills can choose, it is respectively into wind point, change the direction of the wind, get through the land and into a plant.
If the way spirits can’t meet over the high pitched, you can choose to sacrifice an elf, let it become a climbing upward of cane, such other spirits can get through. Choose cane growth starting point is very important, if you are too close to other spirits still can’t over the high pitched, if too far will fall in halfway. Sometimes meet like stair the same high pitched, don’t let too many elves into cane, might as well try other ways to save the life of the spirits.
The road was completely removing all unable to move on, need sacrificed one or more elves, let them get through the land, the back of the elves from hole drill out, to a destination. Choose to play the hole location is very important, as far as possible to choose a thin land, such sacrifice an elf is ok.
When the land is covered with sharp spines or vortex in the air, will sacrifice an elf Cinderella wind point, through it to blow out the wind blew air other elves. Levels of natural wind, but this is not enough, need players sacrificed one or more spirits , manufacturing several wind point. Sometimes the levels of natural no help role, but became a wizard home obstacles, at this time will need to make an elf change the direction of the wind. Change the natural wind direction to build more often than wind point have effect.
The game has another task, is to make the spirits collecting plant. Spirits go to plant next to collect even if successful, it is a measure of the degree of the game is done another aspect.
There are 47 levels in the game, it is not difficult to simply finish the game. But if you want to let the total 826 spirits all go home, and collect up to 159 plants that is a mission impossible. So the game still need one’s brains, need thinking. In didn’t find the path of pass before, do not blindly sacrificed any spirit, they complete the game the fundamental. Looking for a path, and detailed planning spirits use skills, to do with the minimum of the sacrifice that most spirits go home. Read today’s operation strategy, suggest that we go back to try, because the game is not only fun, still can make you relax.

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