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Carrot Fantasy 2 Game Ice World Theme Walkthrough Level 50

Level 50 is the final level of the Ice World theme of Carrot Fantasy 2 game, although it is not easy but we have solved all the puzzles of the level and beat the final boss snowman. Let’s show you how to do it in pictures.

You have 1000 coins at the beginning of the level, and there are only one empty position. So you do not have more choices.


Bonus missions, it is hard to achieve it when you are beating the boss. But the extra weapon will help you: Ice Piton.


The first chosen weapon is Anchor, we will eliminate all the swim rings.


Then place Anchor weapons at the new empty positions.


Upgrade the Bottle Cannon weapon after you cleaning the existing Props.


Upgrade the Ice Piton weapon at the left side to the final level to kill the yellow ducks.


If you have left coins, upgrade the Airplane weapon which has powerful penetrate ability.


The boss snowman is coming, add more Ice Piton weapons to slow him down.


The final tactics and arrangement! It is easy to eliminate the final wave of enemies.



You beat the final level and got the Crystal Carrot.


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