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Mukti Camp Walkthrough and Gameplay

Mukti Camp is an amazing strategy game by Mindfisher Games, it is another epic game based on Bangladesh’s liberation war of 1971. As a commander of a Mukti Camp, you lead your guerillas to build a great camp. You train them and finally lead them to battle and glory. Join us and be part of History.

You shall see a beautiful Bangladeshi Countryside in the game. When you start, you only have the headquarter. From there you slowly build your base. Build firms to grow food, make sawmills to process woods. Later you need to develop storages to keep them safe and ready for use.

Build scout centre for recruiting guerrillas, build houses to accommodate them, hospitals to treat them, and four different kinds of training centres to train them and make them battle-ready. Each Guerrilla has four different set of skills named strength, precession, agility and intelligence. Various tasks in the game require different types of skills.

The game features 15 different types of buildings, 30 unique characters, 20 different weapons and tools, and 20 handcrafted strategy based levels. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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