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Teamwork is supreme! Monster Geeks game strategy and walkthrough

Monster Geeks is a new lovely style adventure game, in the game you will play as the hero character, your job is to destroy the enemy and defeat the dragon with your friends. The game is simple and easy, so it is suitable for all ages of players. Today we bring you the detailed walkthrough for the game, this will help you conquer the game easily.


The game is divided into two modes, the story mode and endless mode. Story mode consists of four sections, each section has 20 levels. In every chapter there are 20 levels and each five combine as a group, each group last close have BOSS war, the difficulty is higher. After you finish the BOSS level there will be a witch, she will give you four CARDS, pick any one of them, and it is your reward. In each group there is a run cool link, each group respectively in the third level, in this link we need you to avoid front roller of stones, and eat after the gold. This link is actually a reward to send you coins, it is very simple, just clicking the screen with one hand is ok. Another mode is endless mode; the hero is on the way and he will encounter a flow of the enemy, in fact the game is testing how far one player can go.


There are five roles in the game: the hero, the wizard, tanks, archers and mages. Hero is the leading role with a strange experience to upgrade; the other four roles need to use gold or diamonds to upgrade.

Heroes are the leading role, which is also the most comprehensive ability role, it can make physical attacks and can release the magic, and he can even restore physical strength for the team in the critical moment. He has three kinds of attacks: throwing spear, fire attacking and ice attacking. The ice attacking has a chance to freeze enemy.

The wizard is an auxiliary role which causes no damage, but he helps the heroes and mages to restore magic. His defense ability is very weak and he is very easy to be killed by the enemy, so generally he is placed in the back of the team. If he died, then heroes and mages restore magic very slowly, and which is likely to lead the team to defeat.

Tanks as the name implies, is the team of my flesh shield, its health and defense force is very high, is forever strong in the team the most front role. The game can be appropriate to give it upgrades, let him resistance to shelter some enemies, and other role behind attack.

The archer is physical exporter, through the remote physical attacks to destroy the enemy. Health and defense force general, but the damage is higher, it is relatively stable output point.

Mages are magical exporter, with a minimum of blood volume and the highest output value, it can release a wide range of magic to destroy the enemy, it is the most effective means of attack. To sorcerer’s protection is very important.


Hero can release four skills, respectively is the team treatment, storm, earthquake and fire meteor. Treatment is cure skills, can restore teammate physical value, and the specific recovery effect according to the skill level to change. Blizzard is to attack skill, sudden ice can effectively combat the enemy and have a chance produce frozen effect, in the freeze effect, the enemy will not be able to move and attack. Attack effect raise with the skill level upgraded. Earthquake can release a lot of stones to attack the enemy before, and will be the enemy bomb to the rear; this ability can attack the enemy, and expand the scope of their own safety. Bolide has path attack effect, can first to cause damage to an enemy in the sky, and then to the ground cause damage to an enemy, is to attack the enemy fly class the most effective method.


You can buy all kinds of weapons and armor in the game store, each weapon has different level, a hero in the use of these weapons will largely improve attack effect. Level of the weapon raises from 0 to 9, the greater the number, the effect is stronger. Coins are needed to buy weapons. But you do not need to buy them; you can get them in the game.

While destroying the BOSS there will be random weapons and props dropping, these weapons and props have the same ability with those in the store. In the blame there will be dropping rocks, the goods such as feathers, can be in stores sell in exchange for gold.

The key lies in the coordination of role, skills, can consider cultivating the tanks, tanks and encounter attack only single-digit off the blood volume, then key upgrade archers and mages. Wizard as auxiliary role is also very important, we must protect it, can’t let it die, see the wizard off after blood shall be released immediately team treatment skills. Bolides mainly deal with flying class enemies, for earthquake damage big ground object, storm the enemy number released when many will have a good effect. If you also like the game needing teamwork, so be sure not to miss Monster Geeks game.


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