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How to Find All 8 Eggos in Stranger Things: The Game

Stranger Things: The Game is littered with all kinds of collectible items, such as Eggos and Gnomes. Eggos are hidden throughout the different levels of the game, and you have to collect them all if you want to beat all of the game. Here we’ll show you how to find all eight Eggos in the game.

Eggo #1
Found inside of Hawkins Lab. Once you defeat the boss inside Hawkins National Laboratory, he’ll drop the Eggo and you can pick it up.

Eggo #2
Found in the Forest Maze. Once you defeat the boss of the Forest Maze, he’ll drop the second Eggo. It’s a tough boss, and you need to use Nancy’s bat instead of bow and arrows.

Eggo #3
Found in the wreckage of a Conspicuous Van. After completing the Middle School dungeon, you’ll fight the boss of Conspicuous Van. Once defeated, he’ll drop you the third Eggo. The Van is slower to dodge and will be hit by the incoming items, be careful and you will beat him.

Eggo #4
Found vacuum sealed in the Sewers. Once you defeat the boss of the Sewers, he will drop the Eggo. Enter the pipe to emerge on the other side of the screen, you could attack the boss from the behind.

Eggo #5
Found in the Hawkins Public Library. Once you defeat the boss of the Public Library, he will drop the Eggo. This boss is one of the more difficult ones in the game, avoid the green laser beam nodes on the wall before you know which buttons do what.

Eggo #6
Found deep in the Hawkins Lab Bunker. After you defeat the boss of the Lab Bunker, you will find the sixth Eggo. This boss takes more rounds, and you need to focus on one side and keep doing the same steps over and over.

Eggo #7
Found in the refrigerator of the Wheeler’s House. Head to Wheeler’s house in the southwestern of the town, then head inside. The Eggo is inside the fridge on the first floor.

Eggo #8
Found inside of Bradley’s Big Buy. After getting Nancy, head to Bradley’s Big Buy Store near the center of the map. Walk past the clerk to the northeast corner of the store. There is a cracked wall Nancy can break, head through the wall into a freezer to find two rats and the Eggo.

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