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Cinco Paus Walkthrough and Puzzles

Cinco Paus is the latest puzzle game by Michael Brough. “Cinco Paus” means “five bucks” in Portuguese, maybe because the price of the game is $4.99 in iOS store. The game has you contesting with deadly monsters and trying to make your way to the exit in each room. You have limited resources at your disposal, and there are lots of random elements woven in.

All the text in the game is entirely in Portuguese, but it doesn’t matter. You can translate it via a variety of means, or you can just try to figure out the meaning by using the scientific method. Cinco Paus doesn’t really use a lot of text. You’ll have things sorted soon enough.

You have a lot of things to do in the game, such as learning about the various enemies and their behaviors, figuring out what items do. There are tons of properties and effects, some of which are quite unexpected. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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