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8 Strategies to Help You Win the Trivia Crack Game

Trivia Crack is a competitive trivia game available for android and all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touches. In the game players are matched up online in a head to head brain battle. Each player takes his turns spinning the trivia wheel, which is divided into several different categories. The categories include history, art, sports, science, geography, entertainment and crown. You must correctly answer 3 questions in each category to earn a character based on the topic, and earn every character to win the game.

trivia-trackYou could use bonuses if you play for them in the app store, but they are invaluable for finding Trivia Crack Answers for difficult questions. If you land on the crown area, you can decide picking your own category or challenging an opponent to steal one of his characters.

  1. Pick the Categories You Know Best
    Answers can be difficult to predict if you choose a strange category, so try to pick categories you are will versed in. For example, if you are not familiar with history, don’t choose history category unless you have coins to spend. You might be able to steal a character from a category you are weak in later.
  2. Play the Game at Your Best State
    If you are feeling tired or indisposed, wait until your state improves to play the game. Trivia Crack gives players two days to wait out their turns.
  3. Try to Cover All Your Bases
    Do some research on the topic you don’t know as well; at least you should know the answers of some basic questions.
  4. Collect Answers through Games
    Nobody could beat the game in one time, but every time you failed the game, you will know what the invalid answer is. You should remember your chosen because this may help you get the correct answer next time.
  5. Exploit the Weaknesses of Your Friend
    If you are playing with your friend, a good idea is to exploit his weaknesses. Wait until he achieved a character icon in a subject he is weak in and steal it for your own pleasures.
  6. Google the Answer
    If you want to be Trivia king and you are looking for a cheating way, Google will be your first choice. Since you are using a mobile device playing the game, switch to the Google or Web app to search the question and answer.
  7. Ask Your Friends if They Are Smart
    If you are stuck by some of the tough questions, just turn to your friend for the answer, the prerequisite is you have smart friends. This is another way of cheating.
  8. Switch Your Phone to Airplane Mode
    If you are not sure with the answer, turn on the Airplane Mode of your cell phone, and this will turn off Cellular Data, your answer data will not post to the app server. Try your answer until you get the correct answer, then turn off Airplane Mode and get to the next question.

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