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Tiny Thief Walkthrough For Chapter 1 To 6

Tiny Thief is another great game other than Angry Birds published by Rovio. The developer is 5 Ants and the versions are for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

You will play as a plucky little thief in the game, and you must steal, trick and slink your way through 6 different chapters of adventures. Each chapter comes with its own story, revealed in comic book scenes between levels. After the training levels there will be three items to steal or find that grant you a star apiece.
The game is fun and impressive, but it is not so easy to complete the game without missing a star. You could check out the below walkthrough if you want to beat all the chapters.

Chapter 1: First Lessons

Chapter 2: A Rumbling Stomach

Chapter 3: The Corrupt Sheriff

Chapter 4: The Cursed Treasure

Chapter 5: Royal Rescue

Chapter 6: Rattling Bones


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