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Chocohero Props and skills for High Score

Chocohero is a very interesting puzzle game, scend mobile phones and timely click screen is all the operation method. Our purpose is to help the lovely chocolate warrior has been down impact, farther is good, charge process of as much as possible to save his kingdom friends and collect gold, and speed must be quick. Because milk army is following you, and if you pause time slightly long and was caught, the game is over.

1. the stars props to enter the fever mode. After receiving the stars props click screen is open mode of fever. This mode will greatly accelerate the speed of moving down, and at the same time, friends will automatically be rescued. The stars props can overlap, every time the most overlap 3, the stars group number, the more the longer duration frenzy. After the upgrade, the stars will be found in piles.
2. pedal is divided into many:
Ordinary pedal will hinder down, take a long time;
Wafer cake pedal is very fragile, cause obstacles minimum;
Will disappear pedal, after landing will soon disappear, take less time,
Article cookies pedal, can make up and down to a larger extent, time-consuming,
Upward pedal influence role down, had better avoid;
Doughnuts pedal not hindered effect but will slow down the rate of descent,
Turn left and right moving pedal has certain steering or reduction effect.
3, gold not only can be used to upgrade other props, its itself can also upgrade. Upgrade gold props can make gold swarms appeared.
4. A friend is need to save object, and deliver friend can score award. Friends can also upgrade to get more points reward.
5. Magnet props absorb must be within the scope of the gold, the updated range will expand.
6. Watch props can make time pause for a moment, after the upgrade can suspend longer.
7. Box props gain will make surrounding empty pedal to appear on the gold, upgrade appears after the gold of the expanded.
8. The bomb props can destroy a range of pedal, is the pedal friends to be rescued. While the other items will be to blow up. After upgrading function expanded.
1. Clear objectives. Every challenge will have a set of tasks, this group of task each is completed, the chocolate warrior’s cloak will become longer. The longer the cloak, used for multiplied by the base of reward is greater, such multiplication get score is higher. So try to in the shortest possible time to complete the task.
2. Well operation. Scend mobile phone will make role during descending move around, but change direction have certain delay, and descent speed faster, change the direction of the amount of time longer. So, the proposal does not easily make role move to too left or right position, so that can take away a lot of time to, or even lose the game. Try to make role in comparison to keep on the middle of the position or so small mobile. You need to be aware that some obstacles from the left or the right side has a short distance, in need of cases from these small gap wear down can greatly reduce the turning of the time.
3. Measure advantages and disadvantages. In addition to complete the task, and deliver friend more, and the higher the score. However, due to the decline speed quickly, and not all can see friends can be save. At this time be about to choose to fall in the number of friends more pedal or fragile easy to disappear pedal, and give up the friends the quantity is less, or hinder too big pedal.
4. Props upgrade. Each property has a different function, to remember their efficacy, timely choose use very conducive to get high marks. To upgrade the props, props for different upgrade to the gold is differ, and gold quantity is limited, so wait until gold to save more time to upgrade the price is expensive but use more items.

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