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Talking Tom Pool Level 76 Walkthrough

Talking Tom Pool is a unique puzzle game by Outfit7. Your job in the game is to grab your bathing suit, you’ve got a swimming pool full of colorful floaties waiting. Get ready to party with Talking Tom, match the colors to clear the pool and win. If you want to become the king of the pool, you could use power-ups. The telescope improves your accuracy, the rocket removes all floaties of one color, and the powerful unicorn floatie will make all your floaties multicolored for one turn.

The game features 180 levels, complete levels to earn keys and then use the keys to unlock, build, and customize the water park of your dreams. Join Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Hank, Talking Ben and Talking Ginger in the exciting water park adventure. If you get stuck in the game, please check out the video walkthrough for the game.

Talking Tom Pool Level 76 Walkthrough:

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