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Trivia Crack Questions And Answers Category History


Question: Who gave their name to a continent?
Answer: Amerigo Vespucci

Question: What was Osama bin Laden’s code name?
Answer: Geronimo

Question: Who was the first king of Rome, according to the Roman tradition?
Answer: Romulus

Question: When did World War 2 End?
Answer: 1945

Question: How many sacraments are in the Catholic Church?
Answer: 7 sacraments

Question: To what historical event would you relate the tank man or unknown rebel?
Answer: Protests in Tiananmen Square, Beijing

Question: Some say World War II began in 1931, when Japan conquered which region of China?
Answer: Manchuria

Question: Who founded Playboy magazine?
Answer: Hugh Hefner

Question: What does Mesolithic mean?
Answer: Middle Stone Age

Question: What year did the My Lai massacre take place?
Answer: 1968

Question: Who held the famous I have a dream speech in 1963?
Answer: Martin Luther King

Question: When did men first travel to space?
Answer: 1961

Question: What year did the Berlin wall fall?
Answer: 1989

Question: Who won the battle of Gettysburg?
Answer: The Union

Question: Who was Britain’s longest-reigning monarch?
Answer: Queen Victoria

Question: What was the main problem of the Luftwaffe during the Second World War?
Answer: Lack of fuel

Question: What year was America discovered?
Answer: 1492

Question: What was Sally Ride the first American woman to do?
Answer: Go into outer space

Question: Who in 1964, was the first person other than royalty, to appear on a British postage stamp?
Answer: Shakespeare

Question: How many popes from the House of Borgia have there been?
Answer: 3

Question: What year did the Gulf War Start?
Answer: 1990

Question: Where was Jesus of Nazareth born?
Answer: Bethlehem

Question: Henry VIII created his own church so he could divorce which wife?
Answer: Catherine of Aragon

Question: Who is the historical inspiration for the character Dracula?
Answer: Vlad the Impaler

Question: What is ‘Furor Teutonicus’?
Answer: Roman proverb

Question: What did ancient Egyptians use to write?
Answer: Papyrus

Question: What city was divided in two after the Second World War?
Answer: Berlin

Question: Which was the war pictured in the Homeric poem, the Iliad?
Answer: Trojan War

Question: After WWII, what country lost much of its eastern territory to Russia, but did pick up much of Pomerania, Silesia and East Prussia?
Answer: Poland

Question: How many people died in the Munich massacre of 1972?
Answer: 17

Question: Lawrence of Arabia worked for what secret services?
Answer: British secret services

Question: Which of the following was an ally of the Russian Empire during the First World War?
Answer: France

Question: What year did the Titanic sink?
Answer: 1912

Question: What religious war was ordered by Pope Urban 2 to capture the Holy Land for Christianity?
Answer: The crusades

Question: What country did USA purchase Alaska from?
Answer: Russia

Question: What was the name of the list of books forbidden by the Church, created in 1559?
Answer: Index Librorum Prohibitorum

Question: Operation Barbarossa was the name of the German invasion of what country?
Answer: USSR

Question: What is the name of Prince Williams son?
Answer: George

Question: What was the weapon the most used by pirates?
Answer: Sabre

Question: Where did the Bolshevik Revolution take place?
Answer: Russia

Question: Which civilization constructed the Machu Picchu?
Answer: Incas

Question: What were the names given to the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Answer: Little Boy and Fat Man

Question: Who were the victims of the German terrorist group Baader-Meinhof?
Answer: Fascists

Question: Which was the weapon of choice for Samurais?
Answer: Katana

Question: Who was the dictator of Germany and took over most of Europe during the 194Os?
Answer: Hitler

Question: What year was the Popular Republic of China founded?
Answer: 1949

Question: When did the construction of the Titanic begin?
Answer: March 31 in 1909

Question: What Wonder of the Ancient World was in what is Iraq today?
Answer: Hanging gardens of Babylon

Question: What was the name Romans gave to Great Britain?
Answer: Britannia

Question: Who was the first president of the United States?
Answer: George Washington

Question: Who is the Greek goddess of love?
Answer: Aphrodite

Question: John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed in what city?
Answer: Dallas

Question: What animal did the ancient Egyptians consider gods?
Answer: Cats

Question: Iceland became independent of what country in 1918?
Answer: Denmark

Question: Which email-generated craze from the USA gathered momentum in the UK in 2003?
Answer: Flash Mobbing

Question: In Greek mythology, how was Achilles heel injured?
Answer: An arrow

Question: What year was the United Nations formed?
Answer: 1945

Question: What’s the name of the Greek god of wine?
Answer: Dionysus

Question: What language do Latin languages come from?
Answer: Latin

Question: Who discovered the sea route to India?
Answer: Vasco Da Gama

Question: In Greek mythology, who is the father of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades?
Answer: Kronos

Question: Which two countries reunited in 1976 after 22 years of separation?
Answer: North and South Vietnam

Question: Who was the first king of England?
Answer: William

Question: What British king of the Middle Age was nicknamed ‘Lion Heart’?
Answer: King Richard

Question: Where did Hitler write ‘Mein Kampf’?
Answer: In prison

Question: Who of the following didn’t participate in the Cuban Revolution?
Answer: Hugo Chavez

Question: When did Albania declare its independence?
Answer: 1912

Question: Where is tomato originally from?
Answer: Mexico

Question: Which country officially received the exiled Spaniards under Franco’s dictatorship?
Answer: Mexico

Question: Where was Pearl Harbor, the military based attacked by the Japanese army was located?
Answer: Hawaii

Question: What’s the substance used in churches characterized by releasing smoke?
Answer: Incense

Question: Police dogs are usually which of the following breeds?
Answer: German shepherd

Question: What starts with ‘Four score and seven years ago’ ?
Answer: Gettysburg Address

Question: Romulus and Remus were breastfed by’
Answer: A wolf

Question: What leaves did Romans wear on their head to symbolize victory?
Answer: Laurel leaves

Question: What is the mascot used by the American government to promote the preservation of forests?
Answer: Smokey the Bear

Question: What year did Bosnia and Herzegovina emancipate from Yugoslavia?
Answer: 1992

Question: Who designed the Montgolfier hot-air balloon?
Answer: Montgolfier brothers

Question: What was the name of Spain when it was a part of the Roman Empire?
Answer: Hispania

Question: Which country first started the construction of the Panama Canal?
Answer: France

Question: They started in 1096 and continued until the 14th century. What are we talking about?
Answer: The Crusades

Question: What was the Tlatelolco Massacre?
Answer: Repression against students in Mexico

Question: Whose motto is ‘We are a legion. We don’t forgive. We don’t forget?
Answer: Anonymous

Question: Who said ‘I have a dream’?
Answer: Martin Luther King, Jr

Question: Where was Martin Luther King, Jr. born?
Answer: Atlanta, GA

Question: What hurricane caused in 2005 the greatest money loss to the United States?
Answer: Katrina

Question: Who was the first US President to resign from office?
Answer: Richard Nixon

Question: What year did New York’s Twin Towers fall?
Answer: 2001

Question: What was the name given to Napoleon’s army?
Answer: La Grande Arm??e

Question: What event is known in Gaelic as An Gorta Mr, meaning the Great Hunger?
Answer: Irish Potato Famine

Question: What was the name of the Propaganda Minister in Hitler’s Germany?
Answer: Joseph Goebbels

Question: Who created the Line Production to increase productivity?
Answer: H Ford

Question: In October 2003, which nation became the third one sending a man into space?
Answer: China

Question: Which countries were part of the Grand Alliance during Second World War?
Answer: Great Britain, USA and Russia

Question: Who are the three sons of Cronus?
Answer: Poseidon, Hades and Zeus

Question: Which of the following is not a religion?
Answer: Darwinism

Question: When was the Declaration of Independence of the United States adopted?
Answer: July 4th

Question: Who of the following was one of the greatest defenders of the black population in the United States and was murdered in 1968 for this reason?
Answer: Martin Luther King

Question: What was the name of Adolf Hitler’s wife?
Answer: Eva

Question: Who led the Scottish warriors into battle against England?
Answer: Sir Williams Wallace

Question: Which countries made up ‘Axis of Evil’ during World War 2?
Answer: Germany, Italy and Japan

Question: Who was Zoroaster?
Answer: Prophet

Question: What was the last Russian Imperial family?
Answer: The Romanovs

Question: What was the name of the American secret project with the purpose of building the first atomic bomb in history?
Answer: Manhattan Project

Question: Protestantism was born in what country?
Answer: Germany

Question: What was the name of the Austrian Empire after the revolution of 1848?
Answer: Austro-Hungarian Empire

Question: The Philippines was discovered by Europeans in what year?
Answer: 1521

Question: The Bubonic Plague that killed a quarter of the world’s population during the middle ages was caused by what agent?
Answer: Fleas

Question: ln which year did the first man walk on the moon?
Answer: 1969

Question: What does plutocracy mean?
Answer: Rule by the wealthy

Question: Who was defeated in the Battle of Waterloo?
Answer: Napoleon Bonaparte

Question: How many years did the Hundred Years’ War last?
Answer: 116 years

Question: Who invented the alphabet?
Answer: Phoenicians

Question: When did the First intifada take place?
Answer: 1987

Question: The country of Bolivia is named after which patriot?
Answer: Simon Bolivar

Question: What did John D. Dunlop invent?
Answer: The tire

Question: Where did the Bloody Sunday of 1905 take place?
Answer: Russia

Question: ln Greek mythology which goddess is Zeus’s wife?
Answer: Hera

Question: What kind of material was the Declaration of independence made of?
Answer: Hemp

Question: What was Henry Ford’s profession?
Answer: Entrepreneur

Question: What was the last European city visited by John F. Kennedy before he was murdered?
Answer: Berlin

Question: Who controlled England before the Norman Invasion in 1066?
Answer: Saxons

Question: What indigenous ethnia built Chichen Itza?
Answer: Mayans

Question: According to the Bible, Jesus delivered the Beatitudes as part of his ‘Sermon on the?_’?
Answer: Sermon on the Mount

Question: How did Madame Currie die?
Answer: Radiation poisoning

Question: Who was not a Roman Emperor?
Answer: Parallax

Question: Where is the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte?
Answer: Les Invalides, Paris

Question: What army did the 300 represent?
Answer: Spartan army

Question: Where were the Jewish deported after Nebuchadnezzars conquest of Jerusalem?
Answer: Babylon

Question: Where was John F Kennedy Jr assassinated?
Answer: Dallas

Question: Who invented the printing press?
Answer: Gutenberg

Question: What year did the Mexican Revolution start?
Answer: 1910

Question: What South American country had a monarchy for more than 60 years?
Answer: Brazil

Question: What city is still governed by the Grimaldi family?
Answer: Monaco

Question: What kind of writing did the Egyptians use?
Answer: Hieroglyphic

Question: Which British Prime Minister won a Nobel Prize for Literature?
Answer: Winston Churchill

Question: Where was the first astronaut in history from?
Answer: Soviet Union

Question: Who won in 2009 the Nobel Peace Prize?
Answer: Barack Obama

Question: What city was founded by Alexander the Great?
Answer: Alexandria

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