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Paper Monsters Android Game Walkthrough

Super Mario is the most classic leisure game. Paper Monsters although cannot reach Mario historical height, but its work, background and plot setting, can play sex, developers attentively degree absolute don’t loss to the plumber, absolutely worth you download and patience. Game background very dream: the paper constitute a wonderful paradise, there lived a lot of good people, everybody happy life together. But a flash in the pan, suddenly appeared monster broke the peacefulness of the village, destroyed here every tree and bush. This time only one person can stand up to save it all, he is our play leading role — slip warriors. The object of the game is very simple: operation slip warriors, the elimination of all the monsters.
A, game skills
1, try to use virtual rocker. The game will provide two kinds of mode of operation: virtual rocker and classical touch pad, touch panel is fixed in the bottom left corner, and virtual rocker position has no fixed, the screen at any position can operation, some relatively convenient.
2, the air movement. Slip warriors in the air can still move, the second after the jump change direction or position can be better to obliterate monsters, also more convenient we get button.
3, grasp the takeoff time and position. Time is very important, a second quicker may not be able to destroy the monster, slow a second may be off the cliff, so in the process of playing patience, waiting for the best time, choose the best position and then dive.
Second, the perfect secret pass
If want to perfect pass must obtain three star paper clips and mysterious puzzles, these two items usually hidden in comparative hidden places, such as the top of the pipe, map to the normal walk not after place, chaparral or aquatic plants, and need to explode that appear in the rocks. So playing the game process should always remember looking for paper clips and puzzles, don’t miss each map can after place. The following paper clips hidden in rocks, Fried open to find.

Third, to obliterate monsters way
The game has a variety of monsters, each monster properties are not the same. The bomb people will spontaneous detonation, the jabbing the tortoise can’t step, glacier beast will be delivering ice gun, we play in the process of the monster should first take a look at what’s skill, then close to it. General monsters we can jump up will it trampled to death, but like a thorn tortoise such a monster cannot step, we need with the aid of other power will destroy it.
Four, beat BOSS know-how
Each level finally has a ultimate BOSS, it every attack to slip a mighty men will fall a drop of blood. The trick was to look for BOSS attack range of blind spots, each BOSS have a blind spot, and stood in the blind spot shun it attacks, waiting for the end of attack again come out against him, so solve the BOSS have no difficulty. The second off squid BOSS blind spot in the following position.

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