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Rusty Lake Paradise Level 1 All 5 Achievements Walkthrough

There are 50 totally achievements in Rusty Lake Paradise, most of them are necessary and you cannot miss them. In the first level, there are 5 achievements. Here comes our tutorial and guide for all these 5 achievements.

1. Welcome to Paradise Achievement

After you figuring out the first puzzle and opening the door to Rusty Lake Paradise, you will get this automatically.

2. The Eilander Family Achievement

Walking through the woods until you find this house, get in and click on the family photo on the wall.

Click on the young boy in the Eilander family portrait, and you’ll get the achievement.

3. Save the Goat Achievement

If you see a grandma sitting near a goat, approach the goat and try to use your Machete on the goat’s tail, you’ll get the achievement.

4. It’s Me Achievement

If you see a small building besides the lake, enter it. Click on the cauldron boiling liquid to zoom in.

Look inside the well at your reflection, you’ll get this achievement.

5. The First Symbol Achievement

Click on the faint symbol inside the casket, you’ll get this achievement.

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