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Maze Escape – Dungeon Heroes RPG Walkthrough and Gameplay

Maze Escape – Dungeon Heroes RPG is an awesome RPG adventure game by Genera Games. Play as Sorcerer, Warrior, Witch, Archer or Healer, equip yourself with the weapons and armor you find in each booty. Make your way through the maze and kill monsters, explore new worlds and find incredible treasures. Go through with your team of heroes dungeons infested with demons, orcs and goblins. Raise your sword and escape from the dungeon.

Guide your heroes through half-hearted passages, fight battles against vampires and werewolves within their walls and find the key that opens the door to your freedom. There are many hidden traps and other dangers such as lava, spikes or holes. Go through the labyrinth passages and find runes to make your weapons and magic equipment, unlock new powers and upgrade your hero.

Find ancient runes and use them to enhance your magical power in each of the elements: Air, Water, Fire, Nature and Darkness. The game features hundreds of maps and unique and challenging dungeons. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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