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Rusty Lake Paradise Level 2 Frogs All 5 Achievements Walkthrough

There are totally 50 achievements in Rusty Lake Paradise, most of them are necessary and you cannot miss them. In the level 2, or The Second Plague, Frogs, there are 5 achievements. Here comes our tutorial and guide for all these 5 achievements.

1. The First Frog Achievement
After seeing the Second Plague stars, you will see a frog on the pond outside. Click on the frog and finish the puzzle, and you will get the achievement.

2. A Rusty Key Achievement
Give the frog soup to your uncle, and he will return with the empty bowl. Then he will hurl something into the bowl. Zoom in the bowl, you will find the key.

3. I Only Play Guitar Achievement
It is not easy to get this achievement. When yo get the frog flute, don’t give it to your sister first, or you’ll miss the chance. Try giving it to the guy who coughs up frogs, and you’ll get this achievement.

4. Reflection In The Water Achievement
After you solve the frog eggs puzzle in the bowl near your sister, click on the water several times until you get this achievement.

5. The Second Symbol Achievement
This achievement is hidden in one of your sister’s eyes. After you finish the flute puzzle with your sister, she’ll open her eyes. Click and zoom in one of her eyes to find the achievement.

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