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Trivia Crack Questions And Answers Category Sports


Question: What Olympic medal does not exist?
Answer: Copper medal

Question: How many players per team are there in court in handball?
Answer: 7 players

Question: In racewalking, athletes’
Answer: Walk

Question: What’s the name of the field hockey move when the ball is lifted with the stick?
Answer: Flick

Question: What city are the Blue Jays from?
Answer: Toronto

Question: Which baseball player is behind the batter?
Answer: Catcher

Question: How many squares are there in a chess board?
Answer: 64 squares

Question: How long is a basketball game international and in the NBA?
Answer: 40 and 48 minutes long

Question: What is the name given to the NFL final?
Answer: Super Bowl

Question: Which team did Alex Ferguson manage?
Answer: Manchester United

Question: Which of the following types of hockey does not exist?
Answer: Asphalt hockey

Question: The tiger Hodori was the mascot of which Olympic Games?
Answer: Seoul 88 Olympic Games

Question: When did the FIFA World Cup take place in the USA?
Answer: 1994

Question: What country won EuroBasket 2011?
Answer: Spain

Question: Which of these positions does not exist in a baseball game?
Answer: Fullback

Question: What country has won the most Davis Cups?
Answer: United States

Question: Where were the first Olympic Games of the modern era celebrated?
Answer: Athens

Question: What player of the WWE is known as ‘The Lord of Darkness’?
Answer: The Undertaker

Question: What is the world’s most popular and most played sport?
Answer: Soccer

Question: Which team won the Baseball World Series of 2013?
Answer: Boston Red Sox

Question: What number did Michael Jordan play as on the Chicago Bulls?
Answer: 23

Question: What boxer was found guilty for draft evasion after declaring himself a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War?
Answer: Muhammad Ali

Question: Which ball is the smallest?
Answer: Golf ball

Question: Who won more cycling medals at the London 2012 Olympic Games?
Answer: USA

Question: What’s the official color of fencing?
Answer: White

Question: Which of the following is an Olympic sport?
Answer: Curling

Question: What is Tiger Woods real name?
Answer: Eldrick Woods

Question: How many points does a half court shot give in Basketball?
Answer: 3 points

Question: Who is Muhammad Ali?
Answer: Boxer

Question: ln which state of the United States are celebrated the XGames?
Answer: California

Question: Swords are used in which of the following martial arts?
Answer: Ninjutsu

Question: Wilson Kipeter broke the 800m record of what other athlete?
Answer: Sebastian Coe

Question: From which country is the athlete Maria Mutola, who won her eighth world title in Paris in 2003?
Answer: Mozambique

Question: What year were the first modern Olympics Games held?
Answer: 1896

Question: What sport do the New York Mets play?
Answer: Baseball

Question: Anna Kournikova won the doubles competition of the Australian Open of 1999. What swiss player was her partner?
Answer: Martina Hingis

Question: What country is Taekwondo originally from?
Answer: Korea

Question: Which sport originated in China?
Answer: Dodgeball

Question: What racing driver died in 2011?
Answer: Marco Simoncelli

Question: How many positions are there in Volleyball?
Answer: 6 positions

Question: Which of these activities is related to horseback riding?
Answer: All of the above

Question: In which of these teams of Formula 1 did Michael Schumacher run?
Answer: Ferrari team

Question: How many players are in a chess game?
Answer: 2 players

Question: What sport need no equipment?
Answer: Running

Question: How many goals did Germany score in the 2014 World Cup Against Brazil?
Answer: 7 Goals

Question: What’s the first name of the Italian motorcycle race driver Melandri?
Answer: Marco

Question: How many games were disputed in the longest match in the history of Wimbledon?
Answer: 183 games

Question: Which of the following is not an Olympic sport?
Answer: Small game hunt

Question: In which sport might you legally use a hand-off on an opponent?
Answer: Rugby

Question: What sport do the Miami Dolphins practice?
Answer: American Football

Question: Which is the most successful team in the Champions League?
Answer: Real Madrid

Question: What sport do you play if you play in the NFL?
Answer: American football

Question: Where is NBA’s Hall of Fame?
Answer: Springfield (MA)

Question: Who won the Formula One World’s Driver Championship in 2005 and 2006?
Answer: Fernando Alonso

Question: Which of the following is not part of decathlon?
Answer: Marathon

Question: What does WWE stand for?
Answer: World Wrestling Entertainment

Question: What do you score in American and Canadian football?
Answer: Touchdown

Question: When was the last time Michael Jordan played in the NBA?
Answer: 2003

Question: How many wheels does a unicycle have?
Answer: 1 wheel

Question: Where is Muay Thai originally from?
Answer: Thailand

Question: How many chess pawns are in a chess game?
Answer: 16 pawns

Question: Where were the first Pan American Games celebrated, in 1951?
Answer: Buenos AIres

Question: In the Winter Olympics there are luge competitions. What is luge?
Answer: A sled

Question: In sumo wrestling, what is the dohyo?
Answer: the ring

Question: How many striped ball are there in a pool game?
Answer: 7 striped balls

Question: Who has never won the MVP award of the NBA season?
Answer: Vince Carter

Question: What game need 11 player and a pitch?
Answer: Cricket

Question: How many cards does an English or French deck have?
Answer: 52 cards

Question: Which sport would you be playing if you were competing on the ATP tour?
Answer: Tennis

Question: Who is Tiger Woods?
Answer: Golf player

Question: Which is the fastest runner in the whole world?
Answer: Usain Bolt

Question: What is the name of Florida’s baseball team?
Answer: Marlins

Question: In biathlon, what event comes after cross-country skiing?
Answer: Rifle shooting

Question: Who won the first Formula 1 World Championship?
Answer: Guiseppe Farino

Question: Despite suffering from Parkinson, what athlete lighted the Olympic flame to inaugurate the Olympic Games in Atlanta?
Answer: Muhammad Ali

Question: Which athletics event is the longest distance in which competitors stay in their own lanes?
Answer: 400m

Question: Which country hosted the Olympics in 2008?
Answer: China

Question: What teams did Michael Jordan play in?
Answer: Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards

Question: This sport was born in India, men can win the Thomas Cup and women, the Uber Cup. What sport is it?
Answer: Badminton

Question: What’s the fastest swimming style?
Answer: Front crawl

Question: Whose quotes is ‘fly like a butterfly sting like a bee’?
Answer: Muhammad Ali

Question: In 2009, Olympic athlete Usain Bolt publicized the efforts for Kenya’s conversation adopting a cub called Lightning Bolt. What species?
Answer: Cheetah

Question: Which of these is a discipline in both men’s and women’s gymnastics?
Answer: Floor exercises

Question: What’s a natatorium?
Answer: A pool

Question: Which sport do Jeremy Roenick, Mario Lemieux, and Wayne Gretzky play?
Answer: Hockey

Question: Who was the first quarterback to throw for 50 touchdowns in a single season?
Answer: Tom Brady

Question: Name the technique of judging a horse back rider’s skill.
Answer: Equitation

Question: Which city will host the Olympics in 2020?
Answer: Tokyo

Question: What’s the only Olympic throwing event where competitors don’t throw from inside a circle, but they start off running?
Answer: Javelin

Question: Where is rugby originally from?
Answer: England

Question: Which of these is the US name for the French card game vingt-et-un?
Answer: Blackjack

Question: Who was the boxer who bit his opponent’s ear during a fight?
Answer: Mike Tyson

Question: How much is the addition of all the points of a dice?
Answer: 21

Question: What is the maximum number of games you can play in a basketball playoff?
Answer: 7 games

Question: What does NRL stand for?
Answer: National Rugby League

Question: What is LeBron James nickname?
Answer: The King

Question: What country won the most medals in the Olympic Games of 2008?
Answer: United States

Question: Original regattas were ship races that took place in the Grand Canal of what city?
Answer: Venice

Question: What discipline is not a part of Modern Pentathlon?
Answer: Cycling

Question: How many white pieces are in chess game?
Answer: 16 white pieces

Question: What is ‘Texas Hold’em’?
Answer: A type of poker

Question: What’s the name of the Greek musician who compose the original hymn of the Olympic Games?
Answer: Spirou Samara

Question: How many bearings does a skateboard have?
Answer: 8 bearings

Question: Where will the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup be held?
Answer: Canada

Question: Which sport have the expressions ‘saved by the bell’ and ‘throw the towel’ been taken from?
Answer: Boxing

Question: Where was the car racing driver Emerson Fittipaldi from?
Answer: Brazil

Question: Every how many yeas are the Winter Olympic Games celebrated?
Answer: Every four years

Question: Which of these would be of most use if you wanted to play poker?
Answer: Pack of cards

Question: What player was the best soccer of the American team the Dream Team of 1992?
Answer: Charles Barkley

Question: Which Brazil soccer team won the national championship 6 times?
Answer: Sao Paulo FC

Question: How many fights did Muhammad Ali win during his career?
Answer: 56 fights

Question: What is the mechanical animal that greyhounds chase during a race?
Answer: Hare

Question: Which Canadian Hockey team won the gold metal at the 2014 Winter Olympics?
Answer: Both men and women

Question: What is the term used in tennis when the score is 40-40?
Answer: Deuce

Question: What country is big in Olympic swimming thanks to stars such as Dawn Fraser and Ian Thorpe, being only after the United States in golds and medals?
Answer: Australia

Question: Dolphin style is related to what sport?
Answer: Swimming

Question: How many numbers appear in a darts board?
Answer: 20

Question: In artistic gymnastics, how many different apparatus do women compete on?
Answer: 4

Question: Which of the following is not currently an Olympic sport?
Answer: Lacrosse

Question: In a horse race, the winner is the horse that crosses the finish line with its what?
Answer: Head

Question: What city hosted the first modern Olympics?
Answer: Athens

Question: In which board game can a piece move in L?
Answer: Chess

Question: What motor-racing team was Fernando Alonso part of from 2002 to 2006?
Answer: Renault

Question: On what kind of surface is sandboard practiced?
Answer: Sand

Question: Which was the first Grand Slam won by Andre Agassi?
Answer: Wimbledon

Question: What sport is controlled internationally by the IJF?
Answer: Judo

Question: How many seasons did the famous baseball player ‘Babe Ruth’ play?
Answer: 22

Question: What’s England’s national sport?
Answer: Cricket

Question: What’s the weapon used in women’s fencing?
Answer: Foil

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