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Memento of Spring Walkthrough All 4 Parts

Memento of Spring is an all-ages comedy visual novel with no player choices by Bright Onion Studios. Juliane von Westerholz’s royal duties include eating tasty snacks, lazing in bed and sometimes vaguely threatening her tutors and caretakers. Life takes a tumble when her unlikely curiosity falls victim to a strange artifact, and she soon winds up somewhere unfamiliar.

It’s hard being the Princess of Calamity. So begins the tale of a magical prodigy, in an average land far, far away. If you need some help, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Memento of Spring Walkthrough Part 1 – Princess of Calamity:

Memento of Spring Walkthrough Part 2 – Fake Substitute:

Memento of Spring Walkthrough Part 3 – Makeshift Living Arrangements:

Memento of Spring Walkthrough Part 4 – To Catch A Thief:

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