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Trivia Crack Questions And Answers Category Entertainment

Question: What was the address Dori was looking for on Finding Nemo?
Answer: P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sidney

Question: What monarch is the main character in the TV series THE TUDORS?
Answer: Henry VIII

Question: Who invented the Chinese torture box?
Answer: Harry Houdini

Question: What US president did Forrest Gump not meet?
Answer: Eisenhower

Question: Who played the character of Edward Scissorhands?
Answer: Johnny Depp

Question: Which movie won an Oscar for best movie in 2008?
Answer: Slumdog Millionaire

Question: Which US State was Andrew, in the movie The Proposal, from?
Answer: Alaska

Question: How many people were part of the main cast of the hit tv show Friends?
Answer: 6

Question: With whom of the following was Michael Jackson married to?
Answer: Lisa Marie Presley

Question: The 2014 film Maleficent is based on which story?
Answer: Sleeping Beauty

Question: Who was Naruto’s first sensei?
Answer: Iruka Sensei

Question: In the title of the Beatles album, to which club do Sergeant Pepper’s band members belong?
Answer: Lonely Hearts

Question: What represents Green Lantern’s ring?
Answer: Willpower

Question: What is the official term for animated programs that originate in Japan?
Answer: Anime

Question: Who wrote the famous opera-rock song ‘ Bohemian Rhapsody’?
Answer: Freddie Mercury

Question: Who played Frodo Baggins in Lord Of The Rings?
Answer: Elijah Wood

Question: Where did Dumbo live?
Answer: Circus

Question: Which of the following is not part of the drums?
Answer: Platelet

Question: What’s the name of the fictional character who was born as an old person and got younger every day?
Answer: Benjamin Button

Question: Which stars name is an anagram of a European country?
Answer: Meg Ryan

Question: Which Avenger uses a hammer?
Answer: THOR

Question: What city does the family in Family Guy live in?
Answer: Quahog

Question: ln which 1997 film is the US president, played by Harrison Ford, kidnapped aboard an aeroplane?
Answer: Air Force One

Question: Where does Batman live?
Answer: Gotham City

Question: What breed was Lassie?
Answer: Collie

Question: What is Mario Bros daytime job?
Answer: A plumber

Question: Which of these villains is not one of Batman’s enemies?
Answer: Magneto

Question: Which group originally interpreted ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’?
Answer: Nirvana

Question: What is Chewbacca?
Answer: Wookiee

Question: Which game won the VGX award in 2013?
Answer: Grand Theft Auto V

Question: Who played guitar for Led Zeppelin?
Answer: Jimmy Page

Question: In what Disney movie could you listen to the song ‘A Whole New World’?
Answer: Aladdin

Question: Where is the band ABBA from?
Answer: Sweden

Question: Who portrayed Hannibal the Cannibal in the movies?
Answer: Anthony Hopkins

Question: How long did the TV series Bonanza last?
Answer: 14 years

Question: What year did ‘Thriller’ come out?
Answer: 1982

Question: Who said the phrase ‘I am your father’?
Answer: Darth Vader

Question: In what Indiana Jones movie is revealed that he has a son?
Answer: The Kingdom of Crystal Skull

Question: What is the last name of the family in the TV series ‘Family Guy’?
Answer: Griffin

Question: Who forms the couple nicknamed ‘Brangelina’?
Answer: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Question: What is the real name of the American supersoldier, Captain America?
Answer: Steve Rogers

Question: Who was famous for the phrase ‘What’s up doc’?
Answer: Bugs Bunny

Question: Who is Tim Burton?
Answer: Director

Question: How old was Michael Jackson when he died?
Answer: 50

Question: Which is the name of the bird in the movie UP?
Answer: Kevin

Question: Freak of Nature is the title of a worldwide hit album by whom?
Answer: Anastacia

Question: What shape is SpongeBob’s pants?
Answer: Square

Question: Who was the first Mexican director to win an Oscar for Best Director?
Answer: Alfonso Cuaron

Question: What is the name of the princess in Mario Bros?
Answer: Peach

Question: What actor who played Superman was paralyzed from the neck down after falling of a horse?
Answer: Christopher Reeves

Question: Where did Beethoven spend most of his life and die?
Answer: Vienna

Question: Which of the following is not a scene for CSI?
Answer: Washington

Question: Who is the Snow Queen in the Walt Disney’s animated movie Frozen?
Answer: Elsa

Question: Which rapper has won more Grammy Awards?
Answer: Eminem

Question: Who is Alan in Two and a Half Men?
Answer: Charlie’s brother

Question: Which movie won the Oscar for Best Animated Movie in the year 2014?
Answer: Frozen

Question: What actor portrayed the pirate Jack Sparrow?
Answer: Johnny Depp

Question: In the sitcom Friends, what is the ‘Joey Special’?
Answer: Two pizzas

Question: What nationality is the singer Frida, formerly of Abba?
Answer: Norwegian

Question: What colour was Clifford, the giant dog?
Answer: Red

Question: Where does Pooh live?
Answer: A tree

Question: What’s the name of the Sleeping Beauty?
Answer: Aurora

Question: In what TV show could you see the characters Daniel Faraday and Charles Widmore?
Answer: Lost

Question: Bruce Dickinson is the singer of what band?
Answer: Iron Maiden

Question: What year did the Red Hot Chili Peppers release their first album?
Answer: 1984

Question: Which of these is the dance-music wizard who released the albums Play and 18?
Answer: Moby

Question: Which of the following associations between actor and character from Beverly Hills 90210 is wrong?
Answer: Tori Spelling as Kelly Taylor

Question: In the title of a Stevie Wonder hit, he just ‘Called to Say’ what?
Answer: I love you

Question: What trophy will the winner of the Berlin Film Festival bring home?
Answer: A bear

Question: What band recorded the album ‘Pulse’?
Answer: Pink Floyd

Question: What’s a Muggle?
Answer: A non magic person

Question: What’s the name of the cat that wants to eat the smurfs?
Answer: Azrael

Question: In ‘ Family Guy’, what is Stewie Griffin’s middle name?
Answer: Gilligan

Question: Where is the Cannes Film Festival celebrated?
Answer: France

Question: Which of these is not a House from Game of Thrones?
Answer: Baggins

Question: Who released the album ‘Born in the USA in 1984’?
Answer: Bruce Springsteen

Question: Which University did Howard Wolowitz, from the Big Bang Theory, take his Masters degree?
Answer: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Question: Which band had no bass guitar player?
Answer: The Doors

Question: What actor plays the role of Wolverine in X-men?
Answer: Hugh Jackman

Question: Which country’s popular dance is ‘samba’?
Answer: Brazil

Question: ln what famous Disney movie does the character Jafar appear?
Answer: Aladdin

Question: What is Chandler’s from ‘Friends’ original job?
Answer: Data analysis and statistical configuration

Question: In which of the following does the cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants live?
Answer: Bikini Bottom

Question: Which of the Avengers is a god?
Answer: Thor

Question: How many letters did Noah write to Allie in The Notebook?
Answer: 365

Question: Complete the name of the famous country singer, Shania ?_?
Answer: Shania Twain

Question: How old is Rapunzel in the movie ‘Tangled’?
Answer: 18

Question: What’s the name of Tommy’s best friend in the cartoon ‘The Rugrats’?
Answer: Chucky

Question: What band released the single ‘Livin’ on a prayer’?
Answer: Bon Jovi

Question: Who won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 2004?
Answer: Morgan Freeman

Question: Which actor portrayed Clark Kent in the movie ‘Man of Steel’?
Answer: Henry Cavill

Question: Who plays Lara Croft in the movie ‘Tomb Raider’?
Answer: Angelina Jolie

Question: Who performs Michael in the film ‘The GodFather’?
Answer: Al Pacino

Question: What’s the name of the famous detective that smoke from a pipe and played the violin?
Answer: Sherlock Holmes

Question: What does Rose learn from Jack in ‘Titanic’?
Answer: Spitting

Question: Phillip John Clapp is best known for being involved in the MTV series ‘Jackass’. What is his stage name?
Answer: Johnny Knoxville

Question: Who played the song Run To the Hills?
Answer: Iron Maiden

Question: To what famous singer is rapper Jay-Z married?
Answer: Beyonce

Question: Which social network has a little blue bird as its logo?
Answer: Twitter

Question: What did Jack Nicholson play in the film ‘Prizzi’s Honour’?
Answer: Mafia Hitman

Question: What is the name of the princess in the movie ‘The Princess Diaries’?
Answer: Mia

Question: What is the character named Manny in the movie ‘The lce Age’?
Answer: A Mammoth

Question: How many books does the novel ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ have?
Answer: 13

Question: Who is the lonesome robot in Pixar’s animated film with the same title?
Answer: Wall-E

Question: Who is Mario’s companion in Super Mario Bros?
Answer: Luigi

Question: Who played the song ‘Masters of Puppets’?
Answer: Metallica

Question: In the movie ‘High School Musical’ who does Vanesa Hudgens play the role of?
Answer: Gabriella Montez

Question: What band released the song ‘Wild Horses’?
Answer: Guns N Roses

Question: What’s the name of the worlds most famous web to watch any videos?
Answer: YouTube

Question: Which of these films didn’t include Johnny Depp in its cast?
Answer: Silence of the lambs

Question: What color is the Little Mermaids tail?
Answer: Green

Question: Who kills Darth Maul in the Star Wars series?
Answer: Obi Wan Kenobi

Question: Everyone has it but no one can lose it, what is it?
Answer: Shadow

Question: What power does Jake, the dog from Adventure Time, have?
Answer: Change the shape of its body

Question: What do Shania Twain, Nelly Furtado, Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morisette have in common?
Answer: They’re Canadian Singers

Question: Coolio adapted the song by Stevie Wonder ‘Pasttime Paradise’ and made another song out of it. Which one?
Answer: Gangsta’s Paradise

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