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Carrot Fantasy iOS Game Desert Theme Walkthrough

Desert theme fifth level, this closes levels features are: props, hidden treasures, can use four kinds of defensive towers (bottle, stars, magic ball, gas bottle) defend radish. At the same time into the new level after a new “snow” frozen defensive towers, it is a kind of ring big range frozen weapon of mass destruction, can make monster moment frozen, delay the action time. The pike man keywords: build multiple arrows, play hide defensive towers, and use frost tower and tower of snow on the monster frozen reduction.

At the start of the game in the treasure box the lower left corner to establish the first multiple arrows, then the upper right three props box out, after then you will receive a multiple arrows and frozen stars tower, and then clear light in the middle of the other treasure box, sell all except the arrow outside of the tower, has been developing multiple and reduction, easily pass! Hide tower is mostly sold money or emergency, but don’t loathe to give up!

Level Seven: this level features are: props, hidden treasures, can use five defensive towers (flower tower, poison needle, multiple arrows, snow tower and aircraft) to defend the radish, into the level will be shown after a new type of weapons of mass destruction – toy plane. This checkpoint operation keywords: upgrade aircraft tower, play hide defensive towers, and then upgrade top rocket tower, with frost tower and tower of snow on the monster frozen reduction.

After the start of the game, first of all to upgrade the plane tower, upper left off the treasure box, and then according to the second strategy map, the most out of a kind of cactus in the midst of that, the rockets tower appeared! The next step is to upgrade the top priority of the rocket, and then upgrade the top frozen stars to monster for reduction. Complete these embattle, will be a lot of along the way to build grade 1 of the frozen snow, 1 level, there is the top of the frozen stars fit grade 1 snowflakes frost tower is very strong! In the last wave and BOSS in Reno, suggest to sell some BOSS already passing tower to upgrade the other tower kill it!

Additional, the plane tower appeared levels, so the plane is leading role! First of all to upgrade the plane, the basic can take these hidden property full open, difficulty lies in the plane attack interval long, need to upgrade as soon as possible, so be about in the big cactus on the vacancy build a reduction or frozen, to control the speed of the team of the monster,  come on!

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