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How to Slice Your Highest Score Ever in Fruit Ninja App

Fruit Ninja is a very popular app by Halfbrick, your objective in the game is to slice as much as fruit as you can. You have to avoid those dangerous obstacles such as bombs. There are several various modes to choose from including classic, arcade and multiplayer. There are a lot of ways to rack up your score and unlock objectives fasters, and today we will teach you how to do that.


You could use starfruit to buy boosts and other swag inside the game, and you need enough starfruit to unlock more modes. A simple way to rack up starfruit quickly is to complete objectives. Most of the objectives are easy to complete and they will earn you quite a bit of starfruit. You could also watch short video ads to rack up starfruit. Sometimes Gatsu has a little starfruit bonus if you visit his cart, just check your cart periodically and you will be surprised with the free starfruit there.

Using more than one finger is not a good idea. It will obscure your view of the screen even more. So lay your iPhone or iPad down on a flat surface and find a position that allows you to see as much screen as possible. A good idea is to rotate your screen and then lock it, then you will see fruits falling from bottom of the screen and you could slice from upside to the bottom of the screen.

Bombs are dangerous in classic mode, and you have to avoid them if possible. Using long swipes when bombs are around is dangerous, if you want to score higher you should always use short and brief swipes when you know bombs are floating around.

In Arcade Mode and Zen Mode, Peachy Times is one of the most userful power ups. You got 2 extra seconds on the clock everytime you slice one peach. If you swipe lots of them, you will get much extra play time. If you get a two power up bananas at the same time, you will boost your score very fast. Once everything is frozen, just wait for it to fill up then slide in broad strokes to rack up huge combos.

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