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Hitman Go Game Walkthrough – Chapter 1 to 7 All Levels

Hitman Go is a turn-based puzzle video game published by Square Enix, the game has been released for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and PlayStation.

You may wonder what is will be like to be an assassin. In the game Hitman Go, you will play as an assassin and your goal is to eliminate the target. You have to finish your mission by solving mysteries, engaging in close combat, collecting clues, and finally delivering the killing blow as swiftly and subtly as possible.


The game features 7 chapters and 91 level. Each level is presented as a physical game, each hit as a series of wooden boards. If you have the difficulty playing the game you could check out video walkthrough for all the chapters and levels here.

Chapter 1: Game-Set-Match Video Walkthrough Level 1-1 to 1-15

Chapter 2: Party’s Over Video Walkthrough Level 2-1 to 2-15

Chapter 3: Wedding Crasher Video Walkthrough Level 3-1 to 3-15

Chapter 4: Deal Breaker Video Walkthrough Level 4-1 to 4-15

Chapter 5: Curtains Down Video Walkthrough Level 5-1 to 5-8

Chapter 6: Red-Eye Video Walkthrough Level 6-1 to 6-15

Chapter 7: Meeting Adjourned Video Walkthrough Level 7-1 to 7-8

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