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Monster Hunter World Guide: How to Unlock All 6 Palico Gadgets

In Monster Hunter World, Palicos are anthropomorphic cat-like creatures. They are actually quite useful in battle, depending on what gadget the Palico has equipped. There are 6 Palico gadgets in total and they are all fairly useful, each gadget offers something different in battle. Here we will show you the details of all the gadgets and how you can find them.

1. Vigorwasp Spray Palico Gadget

Vigorwasp Spray is the default gadget, and it is given to you automatically at the start. This gadget duplicates the effect of the native Vigorwasp, which releases a burst of energy that heals the player for a percentage of their health. Its effect is increasing after you increase your proficiency to higher levels.

2. Flashfly Cage Palico Gadget

The Flashfly released by Flashfly Cage Gadget can strike and stun any nearby enemies. While stunned, monsters will be vulnerable to major damage. You can unlock this Gadget in the first zone known as Ancient Forest. You’ll need to follow the Grimalkynes doodles and reach the top of the giant tree in the center of the map. One of the Grimalkynes will run away and you will need to catch it. Then you will unlock the Flashfly Cage back at Astara.

3. Shieldspire Palico Gadget

Shieldspire gadget helps your Palico to block incoming damage towards the Palico and can also provoke nearby monsters. Your ally can withstand more damage as your proficiency goes up. To find this gadget, you will need to go to area 8 of the second zone known as Wildspire Wastes. You will find a hole leading to a hidden cavern, where there is a Palico protector offering a quest to look for his fellow companions. Find all the lost protectors and you will earn Shieldspire gadget.

4. Coral Orchestra Palico Gadget

Coral Orchestra is a musical instrument that buffs the player’s attack, defense, and resistances for a period of time. Coral Orchestra gadget can be found in area 10 of the third zone named Coral Highlands. You will find a cave and encounter a pack of Shamos-riding Palico. Defeat the group and then follow them to their hideout to earn a new quest. After completing the quest to capture two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku monsters, return to the Palico for the Coral Orchestra Palico gadget.

5. Plunderblade Palico Gadget

Plunderblade gadget allows your Palico to steal extra materials from monsters during battle. As your proficiency goes up, the number of items attained from their theft goes up. You will need to witness an Odogaron carrying a dead Legania in zone 13 of the Rotten Vale. Enter the cave and explore further until you find a Grimalkyne lurking about. Use a piece of raw meat to lure the Grimalkyne out and they will reward you with the Plunderblade gadget.

6. Meowlotov Cocktail Palico Gadget

Meowlotov Cocktail is a bomb that causes explosive and fire damage to monsters. As you improve your proficiency, the blast strength will increase. Before you acquire Meowlotov Cocktail gadget, you’ll need to unlock all the other Gadgets and unlock the Elder’s Recess zone. Talk to Researcher Lyrian in Astera and he will give you a mission to find ten Gajalaka markings. Report to the Researcher and he will give you another mission to visit the Elder’s Recess at night. Sneak through the Palico camp to meet the Grimalkyne leader. Then travel back to the Researcher and he will reward you with the Meowlotov Cocktail gadget.

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