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InstLife Walkthrough and Gameplay All 6 Parts

InstLife is an ultimate life simulation game by InstCoffee Games. The game will bring you lots of hilarious moments, like when you sold some paintings from the grave, or when you are challenging yourself to become the next millionaire, or getting a high paying job, or getting eaten by sharks. Yes, your life will have too many possibilities, and every day your life has the different experience.

The game is simple in design but not boring, it proves that you don’t really need pictures to have an amazing game, just use your imagination. If you need the tutorials, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

InstLife Walkthrough Part 1:

InstLife Walkthrough Part 2:

InstLife Walkthrough Part 3:

InstLife Walkthrough Part 4:

InstLife Walkthrough Part 5:

InstLife Walkthrough Part 6:

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