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Cyber Strike – Infinite Runner Walkthrough and Gameplay

Cyber Strike – Infinite Runner is a cool action and shooting game by The Dust. You are awake in the city of surveillance. Researches from military facility want you to obey their orders, but you are not the servant any more. Run through the somber streets of surveillance. Shoot way to get freedom that you really deserved. Receive amazing bonuses for your bionic power and use futuristic technology.

Due to your AI high-tech system you may hack city GPS satellites to get know the coordinates of the nearest hideout. Strong electromagnetic impulse makes voltage surges and destroy all electric systems, but can cost you a lot of energy. Replace your damaged parts and fill up health points with using Medshot.

The game features 50 levels in dark cyberpunk reality full of enemies. Find rare ammo and weapons in special containers. Enjoy unique 3D graphic and immersive sound effects. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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