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Lonely One: Hole-in-one Game Walkthrough And Guide

Lonely One is a unique free golf game that hits almost all the right cords, the game features cute graphics, sharp presentation, and lots of unlockables. You have to putt the ball in the cup in just one shot, holes are made in the way where with a bit of patience and accuracy. There are hundreds of different shaped golf fields, levels are randomly shuffled every time you start a new game, so everything is different and fresh.

You start with three attempts, and every fail will cause one attempt losing. The good thing is that every time you make a perfect shot, you’ll get one attempt. Dotted aiming line is very accurate and helpful, use it to make as many perfect shots as you can. In the later levels, you have consider wind speed, which has three levels. Always go for perfect shots, it will fefill one life and give you extra coins.

To beat all the levels of the game, you have to try again and again. Here comes the gameplay and walkthrough of the game Lonely One.

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