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Nephise: Ascension All 10 Chapters and Endings

Nephise: Ascension is a highly immersive first-person walking simulator with extensive exploration, as well as light puzzle and platforming elements. Nephise was a young orb collector, she got lost and fell down a hole into Dragons Valley while searching for orbs. The only exit was via the High Grounds, but there was no easy way up there. You have to help Nephise in her deadliest and most expansive adventure and help her escape from Dragons Valley.

The game features a wide variety of locations, lighting, and weather conditions, including rain and snow. Enjoy the atmospheric sound design and a richer story than the previous versions. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Nephise: Ascension Walkthrough Chapter 1 to 3:

Nephise: Ascension Walkthrough Chapter 4 to 5:

Nephise: Ascension Walkthrough Chapter 6 to 10:

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