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Part Time UFO Walkthrough Ocean 1 to 3 All Gold Medals Guide

Part Time UFO is a unique casual simulation game by HAL Laboratory. Your job is to fly a UFO around and complete odd jobs. Help out at a farm, support cheerleaders, cook up the ultimate dessert at a restaurant, build castles, and much more. Wherever the UFO goes, there are sure to be plenty of jobs waiting. At the center of all this is the UFO’s super special awesome claw. Use the claw crane to grab, move, and stack objects to complete jobs.

Use your hard-earned money to buy costumes to change into. Wearing these can give the UFO a whole new look and new abilities. Whether you want to show your stripes with the Tiger Suit or zip around in Ninja Wear, there are lots of costumes to pick and choose from.

Meet tons of people on the job. From a tight-lipped ship captain, a clumsy museum curator, or a fishy professor, to even elephants, dogs, and hamsters, they’ll cheer on the UFO during jobs, let out a sigh when the UFO fails, and show all kinds of reactions.

The game features tons of catchy beats. They’re scientifically proven to make you more productive. Try your claw at lots of different achievements. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Part Time UFO Ocean 1 All Gold Medals Guide:

Part Time UFO Ocean 2 All Gold Medals Guide:

Part Time UFO Ocean 3 All Gold Medals Guide:

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