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Paperama Game Walkthrough And Solutions All Levels

Paperama is a fun puzzle game about folding and precision, you will enter a beautiful Origami world in the game. You must fold your virtual paper to match the shape, less folds will be better because you have limited folds.

The game Paperama features amazing 3D folding effect and lovely soundtrack. The game is split up into four main packs: Tani, Yama, Jabara, and Shizume. Each pack has 24 levels. Tani starts off easy, and then you have to deal with more complex shapes. If you are looking for some hints, solutions, or walkthrough for any level of the game, check out the below list for the video walkthrough for all the levels of each pack.

Paperama Tani: Levels 1-24

Paperama Yama: Levels 1-24

Paperama Jabara: Levels 1-24

Paperama Shizume: Levels 1-24

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