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Little Red Lie Game Walkthrough Part 1 to 3

Little Red Lie is an adventure game developed by Will O’Neill. It received positive reception from critics due to its exploration of the nature of modern poverty.

The game revolves around the systems perpetuating the “feeling of hopelessness” in modern life, as well as economic inequality. One of the two main characters, Sarah, is a Millennial girl who believed that her job prospects would be secure upon graduating from college, but was instead forced to live with her parents while contending with “stagnant wages” and “insecure employment”. The second protagonist is Arthur Fox, a wealthy, charismatic Baby Boomer, financial guru, and motivational speaker, who lies in order to make even more money, and was inspired in part by Rob Ford and Donald Trump.

If you were stuck in the game, you could turn to the video walkthrough for the game.

Little Red Lie Walkthrough Part 1

Little Red Lie Walkthrough Part 2

Little Red Lie Walkthrough Part 3

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