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Big Drunk Satanic Massacre Walkthrough Part 1 to 3

Big Drunk Satanic Massacre is the first satirical action RPG by Big Way. You will play as Lou, the son of Satan. Hell’s been possessed by the most vile dark hideous evil the world has known – people. They’ve turned your precious homeland into a madhouse, and only you can stop them. Get some booze, kill the traitors, save Hell and rescue the hottest demoness from the clutches of those nasty people and mega-corporations.

The game consists of four chapters representing different areas of Hell, such as the hellish Big Wack fast food cafe, Skeleton Slums and the Red Light District. The idea behind those levels is to kill specific bosses. Each boss represents a unique multistage fight and it is pretty challenging.

The player has to choose between six weapons and one magical ability. The main feature of the game is that Lou is healed by booze. The more he drinks, the more his blood alcohol level increases, which is sort of good for him. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Big Drunk Satanic Massacre Walkthrough Part 1:

Big Drunk Satanic Massacre Walkthrough Part 2:

Big Drunk Satanic Massacre Walkthrough Part 3:

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