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Loyalty and Blood: Viktor Origins Walkthrough and Guide

Loyalty and Blood: Viktor Origins is an awesome adventure game with interesting storylines. Years after wandering Overworld, Viktor returns home to find his mother passed away and his brother Zane has risen to commander of the Legion. Zane is struggling with the many pressures that come with his position. Viktor is determined to join the Legion to support his brother in any way he can. Shortly after he joins, a chain of events begins to unfold that will change the face of Overworld forever.

Complete over 90 missions each with their own unique challenges. Master Viktor’s unique phase mechanic, which allows you to phase through enemies, projectiles, and even walls. Unlock over 40 different upgradable weapons and rare armor pieces with unique properties.

Challenge yourself with bounty hunter missions that pit you against a plethora of fierce minibosses. Explore the world around you, discover the secret rooms and hidden passages in every level. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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