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Poly Bridge Game Walkthrough Part 1 to 6 All Levels

Poly Bridge is a fresh physics-based bridge building simulator, it is a must play for anyone who interested in puzzle games or physics games. Your goal in the game is to get cars to their destinations by any means, you have to complete each level under budget with a sturdy, unbreaking bridge.

Unleash your engineering creativity with this engaging and fresh bridge-building simulator with all the bells and whistles! This is a really awesome, and challenging game.

The game features 6 parts and over 100 levels. The begining levels are easy, but the later levels are becoming more and more difficult. If you need help, check out the below video walkthrough for all the parts and levels.

Poly Bridge Game Walkthrough Alpine Meadows Level 1 to 15

Poly Bridge Game Walkthrough Desert Winds Level 1 to 15

Poly Bridge Game Walkthrough Snow Drift Level 1 to 15

Poly Bridge Game Walkthrough Ancient Ruins Level 1 to 15

Poly Bridge Game Walkthrough 80s Fun Land Level 1 to 15
#1 Double Double

#2 Edge Hugger

#3 Jump, Jump again

#4 Drop Bridge

#5 Low Budget Overpass

#6 Shipping Canal

#7 Double Jump

#8 Reverse Criss Cross

#9 Double Deck Lift

#10 Double Drawbridge

#11 Not Enough Road

#15 Collision Course

Poly Bridge Game Walkthrough Zen Gardens Level 1 to 15

#2 Seesaw

#3 Triple Dump

#4 Two by Two

#5 Dangle Drop

#6 Only One

#7 Hot Pursuit

#8 Draw In

#9 Elevator

#11 Triple Dump Drawbridge

#13 Six Pack

#14 Criss Cross Chaos

#15 100m Brigde

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