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OVIVO Walkthrough and Guide All 9 Parts

OVIVO is a mesmerizing platformer developed by Alex Vilassak. The game has unusual mechanics where everything is as simple as black and white. It is a metaphorical game filled with illusions and hidden messages.

The main character named OVO was born of these two halves and has the ability to switch between Black and White. OVO travels through the metaphorical world, overcoming dangers and collecting mysterious symbols. These symbols will help you unravel the story of this world, but how you interpret it is completely up to you.

The game features unique flow mechanics. In white, gravity points downward, in black—upward. Because momentum is preserved when transitioning from one color to another, OVO can float along their border as if being carried by a flow.

The allegorical world of OVIVO is full of hidden images and optical illusions. There is almost no text in the game and the story is told through gameplay and visuals. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

OVIVO Walkthrough Part 1 – Remnant:

OVIVO Walkthrough Part 2 – Maw:

OVIVO Walkthrough Part 3 – Growth:

OVIVO Walkthrough Part 4 – Life:

OVIVO Walkthrough Part 5 – Balance:

OVIVO Walkthrough Part 6 – Dragon:

OVIVO Walkthrough Part 7 – Construct:

OVIVO Walkthrough Part 8 – Destroyer:

OVIVO Walkthrough Part 9 – Renewal:

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