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Fort Triumph Walkthrough and Guide All 6 Parts

Fort Triumph is a tactical RPG emphasizing the use of Environmental Interactions to create rich, challenging and rewarding tactical gameplay, it is developed by CookieByte Entertainment. In the game, you command a party of chosen heroes who set out to change the world, one quest at a time. On your path you will explore the world, discover ancient secrets, and face down any enemy who stand in your path to glory through turn based tactical combat.

Every crate and every tree is a potential weapon in the hands of experienced tacticians. In order to succeed, you will have to burn, freeze, topple, kick around or outright destroy the scenery at the right moment.

You lead a chosen party of heroes, each with a different set of abilities and a unique playstyle. Your party of heroes will face challenges and win missions by completing diverse objectives in tiled procedural maps. As they gain experience, your heroes learn new skills and abilities, making them more versatile in combat.

The game features flexible campaigns with changing locations, events and quests influenced by the player’s choices. Tactical Missions are procedurally generated to ensure each battle is unique and calls for a new plan. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Fort Triumph Walkthrough Part 1 – Gharzan of the Kazoo:

Fort Triumph Walkthrough Part 2 – Baghbur Philosopher:

Fort Triumph Walkthrough Part 3 – Kclck the Mandibled:

Fort Triumph Walkthrough Part 4 – Claustrophobic Claud:

Fort Triumph Walkthrough Part 5 – Ransacked Village:

Fort Triumph Walkthrough Part 6 – Deadwind River:

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