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The Last Hope: Atomic Bomb – Crypto War Walkthrough and Gameplay

The Last Hope: Atomic Bomb – Crypto War is a unique adventure game developed by Atomic Fabrik and Cristian Manolachi. The ongoing struggle between mobsters, terrorists and President John Trump has now shifted its focus towards cryptocurrency. Trumbcoin, Atomocoin and Bollarcoin are just a few of the remaining forms of cryptic payment. Your mission is to locate the cryptocurrency farm and put an end to this senseless war once and for all.

North Korean terrorists have shown their true colors and finally detonated nuclear warheads across Earth’s surface. Radioactive dust clouds, nuclear fallout and ensuing darkness shall engulf the entire planet. You must immediately take action and history has proved once again that you’re humanity last and best hope for survival.

You have to find the locations of the following cryptocurrencies: Trumbcoin, Atomocoin, Bollarcoin. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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