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Crazy Bikers 2 iOS Riding Game Walkthrough

Crazy Bikers 2 is a physics-based riding game, it is optimized and improved than the previous version. The picture is getting better and it is more exquisite with new weather effects. It also supports multi-player mode.

The control of the game is simple, you use the virtual button to control the bicycle. Click to pedal forward, click at  the middle of the screen to pause the game. Click at the lower left to forward.

Contestants have not only zombies, the witch, and more personalized character, in the entry process, players can also check game time, the game in place, and the game map in real-time position.

When accidentally overturned, wait a moment, you can continue to tipping place continue to play a game. The game also has many kind of bicycles, multiple game scenes, many players need to unlock.

In the game, also pay attention to the rain on the influence factors of the game, and night game. In the course of the game, in addition to a good place outside, would like to grasp the balance of the bicycle.

As a sports racing game, Crazy Bikers 2 game is more  exciting. If you like racing games, share it with your friends.


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