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Returner 77 Walkthrough and Guide All 5 Chapters

Returner 77 is a 3D sci-fi puzzle game developed by Fantastic, yes. The human species is all but extinct after an alien invasion devastated the earth. You are one of 77 returners, who were highly trained operatives given the mission of calling down the 8000 sleepers in space to rebuild the human race. Solve the mysteries of the alien ship to unravel what went wrong.

Embark on a fantastic adventure to save humanity, braving the beautiful crystalline environment of an alien spaceship. Solve the 3D puzzles and immerse yourself in the beautiful visual and audio experience, and unravel the mystery that Colonel Ling left behind. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Returner 77 Walkthrough Chapter 1 – The Hall:

Returner 77 Walkthrough Chapter 2 – The Bridge:

Returner 77 Walkthrough Chapter 3 – The River:

Returner 77 Walkthrough Chapter 4 – The Beginning:

Returner 77 Walkthrough Chapter 5 – The Den:

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