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Sinistry Silinium Walkthrough Part 1 to 4

Sinistry Silinium is a psychological horror game with action, stealth, and puzzle elements by Igrodelsky. You will encounter intriguing story of the main character in a small town where experiments with sound waves have caused the whole population to become insane. Your goal is not just to get out of the place alive, but also to face several weighty moral choices that will make a difference to the final ending.

You won’t find it easy to tell at a glance what is going on in each resident’s head, so tension and uncertainty will be your permanent companions all the way through the game. In addition, you will also visit surrealistic scenes created by the main character’s hallucinations: he too has experienced the same fate as the local residents. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Sinistry Silinium Walkthrough Part 1:

Sinistry Silinium Walkthrough Part 2:

Sinistry Silinium Walkthrough Part 3:

Sinistry Silinium Walkthrough Part 4:

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