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Trap Car Escape Game Walkthrough

1. Enter the color password to the security box above the right door of the car, the password can be get from the color of the pendant below the rearview
mirror of the car, it’s green, white, orange, green. Get the power cordUndo edits from the opened password box.
2. Connect the power cord to the middle of the front seat cigarette lighter above edits.
3. Pierce the crack at the lower-right corner of the front glass with a pencil to get an antenna edits.
4. Click on the cigarette lighter behind the four buttons according to the number of driving on the left of the door glass above 2413, followed in accordance
with the 2413 order of the End button above the DVD opens edits.
5. Click on the small arrow to the left of the DVD, click four times and get the password by the number of the white blocks, it’s 4134.
6. Enter the password into the storage tank at the right side of the car, you know the password is 4134, the storage tank will open and you get the black key
for the car.
7. Open the fuzuo behind the cove with the antenna, which you get from the lower-right corner of the front glass. You get a wrench.
8. Open the concealed compartment screws behind the car with a wrench. Get a orange insurance in the dark greey surface.
9. Put two orange insurances to the top of the fuse in the front of the car.
10. Lights under the Co-pilot will light up and you will find a CD-ROM there.
11. Put the CD-ROM into the concealed compartment of the driver’s seat behind the right side of the long hole inside, concealed compartment open, you get a
12. Open the speaker at the right door of the car with the screwdriver and you get a blue key.
13. Insert the blue key to the key hole of the car and start the car.
14. Now you started the car, insert the black key into the keyhole on the left door of the car, open the door and escape successfully.

Video Walkthrough for Trap Car Escape game:


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