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Dead Secret Circle Walkthrough and Teaser Trailer

Dead Secret Circle is a horror mystery game and the sequel to Dead Secret, it is developed by Robot Invader. The game is set in Chicago in 1965. Patricia Gable’s investigation of a serial killer leads her to a condemned apartment building in East Chicago. There she finds people living on the margins of society, too poor or too stubborn to leave, each with something to hide. The building nearly vibrates with secrets.

Patricia Gable hasn’t been sleeping well. Every night she dreams of strange rooms and hallways, and of a tall man with dark hair and a mask, who’s a killer and is coming for her. Meet seven strange suspects, each with something to hide. Delve into their lives to name the killer and discover the truth.

You cannot fight The Laughing Man, your only weapon is your wits. Collect items, review the clues, and unlock the secrets of this strange building. The game features multiple endings, a huge collection of hidden items and documents, and branching dialog paths. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

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